Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Auditing

Synergetic Solutions Inc. auditors average more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and it shows in the results they produce. Their audits have shown a success rate that exceeds 85% in certain customer profiles.Their audits have identified significant savings as a result of the services of Synergetic Solutions and AssuredPartners of Minnesota has the experience to examine your firms experience modifier and identify potential cost savings errors. AssuredPartners of Minnesota clients can get preliminary reviews free of charge to determine the probability of their cases success. The mission of Synergetic Solutions is to recover and reduce your costs. They are very good at doing this.

Workers’ Compensation Modifier Controllers, Inc. (WCMC)

WCMC is an occupational injury consulting firm that aggressively helps employers control the overall high costs and frustrations of Workers’ compensation issues. Their efforts reduce unnecessary costs, putting that money back into a company’s profits before it is spent. WCMC does all the difficult tasks including filing necessary reports, obtaining medical records, investigating claims, working with healthcare providers and much more. As a result, their clients not only realize cost savings but also reduce the valuable time staff people must devote to Workers’ compensation issues.