Network infrastructure security breaches-whether they are external or internal-have affected and will continue to affect many companies worldwide. The Internet and e-mail has increasingly become a mainstay of conducting business. Business information (data) is an asset and like other business assets it needs to be well protected and insured. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) now need to cover a wide range of threats in order to ensure a client’s business continuity, minimize business damage, and maximize return on investments. More than ever, there is a need to have your cyber security up to date.

Here’s How We Can Help:

  • Pinpoint Exposures From hackers, viruses, spy ware, spam, data loss, power outages, system downtime, and even employee sabotage.
  • Network Scan Check for hidden spy ware and viruses that can be in the network to steal information, deliver spam, and track online activities.
  • Review System Backups This assures data integrity and successful backup processes in case your data does become corrupt or lost.
  • Identify Hidden Problems That can cause error messages, slow performance, and network crashes.
  • Recommend Critical Measures We will recommend measures to safe-guard your network and minimize risk, including back-up and disaster recovery solutions.Also cyber liability exposures that can be covered by insurance.

Services Include:

    • Performing a third party assessment of the client’s information security management system and network infrastructure.
    • Providing a value-added service to assess whether standard IT levels of security measures are in place to minimize risk and to assess compliance with industry specific regulations (i.e. HIPPA, PCI, OSHA, etc … ).
    • Conducting an audit of the client’s entire IT network and industry specific compliance practices.
    • Assessing critical security risks and recommending industry standard practices to minimize liabilities.